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There are 2 different fits available in the new jersey design, that incorporate 3 different materials.


We have some jerseys available at the sheds for you to try the fit and size before buying. Please also see the sizing chart in the product images.



  • Standard is a slightly heavier, less stretchy material and is cheaper
  • £36.00 for kids, £43.00 for adults


Airtex Mesh

  • Airtex Mesh is a lightweight mesh material that offers enhanced breathability, which comes in the standard cut.
  • £36.00 for kids, £43.00 for adults



  • Fitted is a hard wearing, more stretchy material and is a little more expensive
  • £41.00 for kids, £49.00 for adults


Note: The advice is to go for the next size up to go over body armour/padding.

Hackney BMX Race Jersey

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