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Club Racing

Hackney had a great day racing on 9th May with Merton, Peckham and Brixton with categories for Novices and Experts.  Will update here if/when more dates are announced.

South Region Racing 2021
  • The first race is at Bournemouth on 23rd May. 


  • Expert classes only and please note you will need a British Cycling Silver Race License and a Transponder with an active subscription to race.


  • TRANSPONDERS can be purchased here:

Transponders from HS Sports

  • A Limited number of transponders may be available to hire from South BMX but these need to be confirmed in ADVANCE. Please contact the club who can check availability.

  • If you are new to regionals, there is loads of useful information in this guide on the South BMX website: 

South Region Race Guide



The first 2 rounds of 2021 have been postponed. Currently hoping the first race will take place at Cyclopark on 12th June. See here: British Cycling BMX Nationals


See the calendar below  for dates and the links to the various series below that. 
 South Region 
 East  Region 

How do I go racing? 

Entry will be via the British Cycling website and you will need an account with them.


Beginners should enter into the Novice category for the age group that the rider will turn this year. So for a 7 year old  who has a birthday in September you need to register for the Novice 8-9 category.

Typical Schedule

09:00 / 10:30

09:30 / 10:30

10:30 / 11:00

11:00 / 11:30

11:30 / 12:00

12:00 / 16:30

Competitors sign in.

Track open for practice 

Gate practice for 12 & Under

Gate practice for 13+

Lunch break (Track closed)


Full Race Day Details

On arrival you will need to sign in even if you have registered in advance. “Pre-Sheets” then get posted on a board and you need to check you are entered in the right category with the right plate number etc. Then “Moto-Sheets” are posted. These have 3 races for each rider. (e.g  4:7  56: 2   110:4). This indicates the rider is in race 4 (in gate position 7), race 56 (gate 2) and race 110 (gate 4). 


Club Reps will help the beginners ensure they know which Moto races they are in. 

Riders need to be in the pens (holding queues) roughly 10 races before each race. There are 10 pens numbered 0-9. If you are in race 56 you go to Pen 6, for 110 you would be in Pen 0, etc. 


Depending on the results from the Motos and dependant on how many riders are in the category will determine if you go through to a Semi-Final (sometimes Quarter Finals if it is a very big category). These are posted in the same way as the Moto sheets. The top 4 riders from each semi go through to the “A-Final”. The bottom 4 riders go through to a “B-Final"


Bikes and Safety equipment can be organised through Hackney BMX and we will arrange it getting to the race. We can give you a plate number if you need one, too. Just let us know what you need!


All in all it’s a fun day out - come along!